Kelsey and Brother have partnered to give your creativity new wings! Get a set of Kelsey’s uplifting wing designs — created exclusively for Brother —to enhance your embroidery and crafting projects.

Image of Brother sewing machine.

Let your crafting creativity fly high

Image of someone using a Brother sewing machine.

Start creating today with four free FCM files for your ScanNCut machine!

Use the FCM files as they are to cut vinyl decals to decorate a notebook or water bottle. Or, mirror image the files and cut from Heat Transfer Vinyl to apply them to a tote bag or t-shirt (among other items).

From paper and fabric to felt and vinyl, the ScanNCut DX makes cutting and creating effortless.

Download Design Files
Photo of beach bag with butterfly design, cell phone cover with wings design and coffee mug with wings design.
Design patterns of four wings.

Inspire the embroidery artist in you

Make your next embroidery project unforgettable. Get started today with four free PES files for your Brother embroidery machine.

Create everything from embroidered hats, pillows, and jackets to handmade personalized gifts. When it comes to embroidery projects, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Download Design Files
Image of someone using a Brother sewing machine.
Four designs of wing patterns.
Image of embroidery crafts. Shown are a ball cap, denim jacket and a pillow.
Group of three images.

About Kelsey

Kelsey Montague is one of very few artists who are exploring how public art, interactive art, and social media intersect. Kelsey is known for creating large-scale, interactive street murals in cities around the world. Each piece provides an opportunity for people to become a ‘living work of art.’ She is passionate about social justice issues and continues to explore how art can uplift our daily lives. Kelsey has collaborated with some of the world’s best-known brands, and we’re thrilled that she has teamed with Brother to help inspire you.

Meet Kelsey